Mike Tyson (USA) vs Evander Holyfield (USA) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING fight, HD

Профессиональный американский боксер-тяжеловес Майк Тайсон (45–1, 39 КО – рекорд перед боем) против опытного и сильного бесспорного чемпиона в тяжелом весе в позднем весе и в тяжелом весе Эвандера Холифилда (32–3, 23 КО – рекорд перед боем). Бой состоялся на арене MGM Grand Garden Arena в Парадайзе, штат Невада, 9 ноября 1996 года. Зрелищный боксерский бой, HD. Майк Тайсон (США) против Эвандера Холифилда (США) | НОКАУТ, БОКСЕРСКИЙ бой, ГЛАВНЫЕ HD-ОБЪЕКТЫ Подпишитесь! #Тайсон #Холифилд #Нокаут #Бокс #США #МайкТайсон


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  1. Evander llevó la preparación física y mental a un nuevo nivel para esa pelea! Un corazón de guerrero sin igual! Tyson era más peligroso, pero Holyfield lo supo contrarrestar y dañar con precisión. Ya nunca el boxeo dará un espectáculo así!

  2. This literally was the beginning of the end of Mike Tyson's career.. Evander Holyfield was Mike's nemesis. And I admire both of them. Mike will always be the champ in my eyes.

  3. Tyson cheating the only way he could ever win .Holmes for example would have punched Tyson silly if they were both in their prime and fought Matter a fact if Homes was in his prime when Tyson was going for the belt Tyson would never have won the world heavy weight ever there's no way his head might be hard and he might cheat and try biting his way threw the fight but his jaw would have been broke the first round .

  4. This is the most violent clash of power I've ever seen. Where are the men like this of the next generations. Smh nothing even close to these men in the heavy weight division. Or foreman, Frazier, Ali. Smdh we got a fat baby on stilts as our heavy weight champ right now. Although francis ha ha maybe we shouldn't count him out. He may just be what the sports been missing.

  5. I never saw two men go at each other like this with total disregard for personal safety. There was no defense. All out Assault from both sides. I watched this and thought to myself, I could never last one punch in the ring. Those were all dynamites being thrown.

  6. Майкл Тайсон всех благ тебе ты был в Самарской области Ставропольском районе село Богатырь в одно время там сейчас проживают скоты, а не люди которые (эвтаназят людей ((умышленные убийства за счёт использования электросетей)) семьи Волколупов, семье Шерстобитовых,Геслеры,Козловы,семьи Лябаевы, семьи Подлесных,семьи Прилепо,семья Савиных, семьи Гусельниковы в городе Жигулевске, а также любители они к уличных дракам и жестокому насилию над собой….

  7. 5:44 look at those headbutts, i still say Tyson won this fight at least by disqualification. Just like the Buster Douglas fight where the ref counted to like 13 and how he was framed and thrown into prison in his prime, etc. This is why i say that Tyson was the best of all time, but that's just my opinion though….. (and it also happens to be true lol)

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